Web Security Training

Navigating the web security landscape

Navigating the web security landscape

Progressive Web Security - Follow-up

I hope you enjoyed the Progressive Web Security course. I'm sure you already learned a lot about web security, common attacks and their defenses. This page offers you further reading material, and links to useful resources. If you want to stay up to date in the future, I highly recommend to subscribe to our mailing list using the button below.

As an overall introduction, I can highly recommend Mike West (Google) his keynote speech about Hardening the Web Platform. The links below are grouped per module that we covered in the training.

Why simply deploying HTTPS will not get you an A+ grade

The following resources go deeper into the topics we covered during the course.

Below, you find a few pointers to useful information if you're deploying TLS or HTTPS in practice.

How to avoid common pitfalls in authentication and authorization on the Web

The links below explain a few topics from the course in a lot more detail.

A few pointers to some practical information on authentication and authorization.

Why modern security technologies will eradicate Cross-Site Scripting

Additional information on Cross-Site Scripting and Content Security Policy can be found below.

A few practical resources and tools to combat XSS attacks

Four new browser communication mechanisms, and how they affect your application

Further reading material on the latest developments in browser communication technologies.