Web Security Training

Navigating the web security landscape

Navigating the web security landscape

Hi, I'm Philippe De Ryck, and I am running the web security training program at imec-DistriNet. My goal is to give practitioners as yourself the security knowledge they need to build better and more secure applications.

On this site, you can find more information on our training activities, but you can also find my technical blog on web security, where I regularly post on various topics. You'll find announcements of public speaking engagements up front, and the slide decks and videos afterwards.

About me

I have obtained my PhD on client-side web security at the imec-DistriNet research group at KU Leuven university, located in Leuven, Belgium. During my PhD, I published a book titled "Primer on Client-Side Web Security", which focuses on the state of practice and state of the art in client-side web security. During my PhD, I already started occasionally giving security courses and tutorials, which became a full time activity once I obtained my PhD. Currently, I am responsible for the web security training program at imec-DistriNet.

Web security is not the only thing that rocks my world. I am absolutely passionate about food, which resulted in me getting an Chef's degree in evening school. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty doing construction work around the house (yes, it's a Belgian thing!). My time offline is spent with my family and friends.

You can follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn if you like.

About imec-DistriNet

The web security training program is an initiative of the imec-DistriNet research group. The general domain of expertise and innovation is the development of open, distributed object support platforms for advanced applications. The research is always application driven and is often conducted in close collaboration with industry.

imec-DistriNet has a strong expertise in state-of-the-art Web security technologies, both on the academic level and on the practical level. Here are a few highlights of recent research results that received quite a bit of media attention:

About websec.be

This site is generated from static files with Jekyll, and is based on the Feeling Responsive theme from Phlow. It is self-hosted, because the currently available blogging platforms lack many of the latest security features, which is unacceptable for a site about web security.